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Be the diamond!

Talk about boring--common, average, ordinary, regular...

Common, screw that!

Let's get you standing out from the crowd of misuse, which can hinder your image and impressions!

There - over freakin' there!

Their - they freakin' own it! It's theirs!

They're - a goddam contraction of they are!!!

Your - I'll personally revoke your Netflix if you use this one incorrectly

You're - a contraction of you are, goddamit!

Where - where is the bottle of vodka?

Wear - I'm going to wear my vomit after that bottle of vodka!

We're - a contraction of we are!

Were - we were having a grand time until we reached the bottom of the vodka!

Ok, I'm calming down now. Here's a couple of others without the passionate rant:

Affect - impact or change

Effect - end result

If in doubt, reword the sentence to avoid using!

That - to indicate a specific object, item, person, etc.

Which - to add info to objects, items, people, etc.

Stationary - not moving

Stationery - all of the pretty things at Officeworks

Hole - there's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza

Whole - he's got the whole world in his hands

Compliment - give praise

Complement - completes something or goes well with

Ton - imperial, non-metric, no exact amount

Tonne - metric equivalent

Bonus tip:

Acronyms - pronounce as word

Initialisms - pronounce the letters

Stand tall and stand out!


May your copy be kick-ass,

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