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Apostrophes in plurals

This one is close to my heart, so please excuse the passion. *more passion, more energy*


Let me be very clear: apostrophes are not used to create plurals.


The minimal exceptions are for things like single letters (o's, t's,), etc.


I'm not kidding when I say I will hunt you down if I see you creating plurals with apostrophes on social media. I will also personally revoke your Netflix access.


Here's some flying comma examples of what not to do:

  • Shoutout to the bartender's for serving me the 'funny and sexy' liquid.

  • I feckin' love my girl's.

  • I'm going to glue sapphires to sex toy's and sell them at markets. (Not a joke)


Let's hope you received valuable info today! Even if it is only to stop givin' ya girl a dang aneurysm while doom scrolling.


May your copy be kick-ass,



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