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New year or some shit.

Throw that goddam planner away and find a way that works for you.

Look, I'm not going to bombard your emails with another "New Year, New Me" bunch of crap.

Kudos to those who set their intentions and stick with them. #cantrelate

What I can relate to is small business owners and tired parents. Just because we ticked over into another year, doesn't mean anything is different. We still have to decide what to eat for dinner every heckin' day and fold the dreaded pile of laundry that is harder to contain than it is to apply for Centrelink. While I could probs gather some useful tips for getting through those stupid to-do lists, that's not what I came here to say.

Friends, I am here to remind you that it's ok to not be setting a word of the year, smashing goals, journaling every day, and sticking with the pretty planner you bought like a well-intentioned clodpole.

Forget what everyone else is doing. To be honest, they probably secretly despise it but do it for the 'gram. Don't be that guy.

Work WITH your brain, your mood swings, energy levels, and go a little easier on yourself. Life is hard. Feckin' hard. And shit is going to continue rolling down a hill with you entangled somewhere in the middle of it. If you manage to eat something each day, can find joy in at least one thing in your life, haven't locked the kids in the basement, and have some kind of support system around you (not including wine), then you're killin' it.

If your anxiety spikes at the thought of completing something, reach out. To me, to a friend, Google, or a stranger on the internet. Otherwise, determine if it actually needs to be done (I'm talking about things like creating videos of yourself here, not doing the dishes!). If it's not working for you, scrap it. Find a new solution and move the heck on. Screw anybody that tells you how you have to live!

Go forth and relieve yourself from the chokehold of social media pressures.

May your copy be kick-ass,

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