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Christmas crackers!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

3 tips to crack the code of gift-giving

Well, it's that freakin' time of year again where you either love or hate gift-giving.

For those who nail it every year, congrats! Please reply to me with your secrets for success so I can broaden my repertoire.

For those who loathe the process and turn to a bottle of wine or a "family catch-up" because it's the easiest thing you could think of, DW, I got you.

Don't get me wrong, Aunt Susie may be ecstatic with another bottle of wine, and your mum would probably cry at the thought of having all the family gathered around a table of her prepared-with-love food, but sometimes a little out-of-the-box thinking can be useful for other recipients!

We've all heard the standard tips of giving:

  • Practical

  • Thoughtful

  • From the heart

  • Personal

  • ...and so on

But how the heck do you do that? Especially when it's someone you aren't overly familiar with...*insert second cousin who lives thousands of miles away and leads a reserved life*.

Ditch the Google gift guides full of bath robes and beard oil with these tips:

Tip 1

Put on your best FBI outfit, friends, we're going on a research mission.

Where? Social media. Stalk, I mean browse, the pages they follow and interact with, positive reviews they've left for businesses, and common trends of what they post. Imagine their surprise when your gift relates directly to something they love but hadn't really shared with anyone in person.

Slip into your Patrick Jane-pants for the next two, as they involve a little trickery to draw out the info.

Tip 2

Ask them, without directly asking them. Seems pretty straightforward, right? The idea is to create an everyday conversation around the gift idea to determine if they'd be interested, without them catching on.

For example: ticket to an annual event next year; chit-chat about this year's event to see if they enjoyed it and secretly determine if they're considering purchasing again. Bada-bing! Secure that ticket at an early-bird price #moremoneyfortacos and surprise them with a unique and personal gift.

Tip 3

#askingforafriend–present them with a list of gifts you've assembled and get their thoughts for your 'friend'. People tend to pick things based on personal experience and preferences, meaning you'll be left with a much shorter list and better odds of nailing the perfect gift!

Thoughtful? Tick.

Personal? Tick.

Unique? Tick

Can't argue with that!

Happy researching,


May your copy be kick-ass,

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