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Lisa Millstead

Hi, I'm Lisa! I'm skilled in proofreading, copy editing, feedback, and eating chocolate... among other things.

  • Corrector of errors

  • Enhancer of copy

  • Comma mover

  • GIF enthusiast

  • Chocolate lover

  • Animal whisperer

  • Sunset admirer

  • Not a 'Boss Lady'

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A copywriting client once asked me for the recommendation of a good punctuation book.


She had this awesome idea of enhancing her limited knowledge of “where the damn dots and lines belong”, so that her copy “wasn’t so atrocious when it landed on my desk”.


After a very brief conversation, she came to the hefty realisation that it was not worth her valuable time and began to recognise the hours of training and experience it takes to understand the rabbit hole of style guides, dictionaries, slang, exceptions to the rules, and so on.


Let's just say she was all too happy to leave that to me and focus on writing the killer copy!

I won't bore you with the stock-standard list of training that every second editor has completed. There's a common path we all take to reach a common goal. That's the reality of the profession.

What I will do though, is wow you with my impeccable customer service (thanks to working in retail, as a consultant, and perched nicely at the front desk of a library where I became fluent in 'shushing' students), and natural empathy.


Two invaluable skills that allow me to understand my client, their audience, the individual requirements for each project, and in the process, become a kick-ass colleague and go-to for all of their copy enhancing needs!


I pride myself on being the person that colleagues come to for a final review--and to amend something they managed to break (it happens!).

This is not just because of my skills, but also because clients feel they can trust me and are comfortable approaching me with a wide variety of problems.


 I think this is really important when writers are in the vulnerable stage of the process, ready to submit their copy, and just need a gentle guide through the final steps.


The use of funny GIFs, pretty sunsets, and lots of chocolate also helps!

Follow my socials for sunsets, food, and a good laugh at my mishaps in everyday life.

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