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Search without the groan

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Don't find yourself wading through search results that induce the groan of a top-tier Dad Joke!

Ever tried to search for something and found yourself in one of two positions?

1. Lost 10 pages deep in a Google minefield of unreliable sources and irrelevant info

2. Know what you need but at a loss on what to type into the damn search field

Worry no more! For I have tips galore!

"Quotation marks"

To search for a specific word or term.

Example: "butt plugs"

Returns all search items with butt plugs only, cause I can probably guarantee how rarely you'd need to search for bath plugs.

- Dashes

Use a dash to remove the weirdo from the friend group.

Example: warehouse-packers

Because nobody wants to learn more about the Green Bay Packers #gobills

~ Tilde

Can't quite put your finger on it? Broaden your mind! Or at least the search terms anyway.

Example: intercourse ~classes

Now you'll get intercourse classes, lessons, coaching, etc.

.. Two Periods

Use two periods to search within two number ranges.

Example: adult movies 1969..1972


One of my favourites! Looking for something specific on a website and can't be assed using Ctrl + F to search each individual page?

Example: free resource

This searches for free resource mentions on my website (corekshuns dot com)

| Vertical Bar

Same purpose as OR

Example: Coke | Pepsi

Coke OR Pepsi


Find results related to a particular location.

Example: Best copy editor location:brisbane


Filter by a certain file type related to your search.

Example: How to bury a body filetype:pdf

Filters out the click bait articles and gives you PDFs prepared for ease of use.

Go forth and search!


May your copy be kick-ass,

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