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Marketing Schmarketing

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Does the word 'marketing' cause you to tremble in your boots?

Buckle up, bitches!

Marketing can, really suck.

It's a never-ending loop of trying to convince people what you do is valuable so you can put food on the table.

I get it.

What did I do about it?

I put on my big girl panties and sucked it up. Marketing is just a fact of life for running a business, so you might as well get used to it #hardtruth.

Now you've come to terms with it, let's determine your best way to move forward:

Option 1: You're in a position to outsource--great! Bada-bing-bada-boom, no more worries for you

Option 2: Like most small biz owners, you gotta sort this crap out on your own because you wear #allofthehats

If you find yourself in the position to outsource, I'm a little jealous. So, please go forth and conquer while us mere mortals sit here in our overwhelm of marketing plans, endless social media accounts, and raw cookie dough.

If you're on #teamoption2, welcome to the crew!

I've come up with some useful tips to make your marketing a little easier on the food budget:

Canva - get it, learn it, make love to it, have its babies, whatever you need to do. I cannot stress enough how useful it is. Check out tutorials, have a play, utilise the templates, keep your branding and messaging aligned, all in one place! If you have the small amount of money for Pro, I highly recommend the upgrade for the scheduler and brand kit alone! #notsponsored

Show, don't tell - a common tip in storytelling and powerful for your marketing. People like to feel emotion. Align your messaging to take them on a journey of feeling seen and heard--use relatable examples and be real #weallalittlecrazy. For example: instead of black and white dot points to show your process (boring and skim-worthy), use a relatable example on how they'll feel using your product/service.

Variation - we all know that people learn differently and digest info in a range of ways, so use this to capture more people. For example: short videos with captions are great on a train, while GIFs and memes are great for the doom-scroll.

Repurpose - created an awesome video on Tiktok with a bunch of useful tips? Oh look, there's a whole email and blog already outlined. Bonus points if you backlink to the TT video to gain more followers!

Brains trust - careful how hard you facepalm here...ask your audience what they want. I know, I know, it's so simple. Use polls, Q&A sessions, ask for replies to emails/posts, and so on. Use the feedback to create a list of things you're going to cover, then break them down in bite-sized pieces that'll give you months of content ideas. For example: marketing--break it down into resources, marketing plans, content, branding, etc.

Timing - they say timing is everything, but how do you know when to post? The key here is your audience. Looking for Aussies? Probs skip Friday at 10pm when there's a fair chance they'll be sloshed at the local. Aiming for SAHMs? They'll be picking up their devil spawns around 3pm, so probs avoid school-run times.

Ok, that's enough nuggets for now.

Peace out, marketeers!


May your copy be kick-ass,

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