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You write it. I enhance it.



Copy editing

Copy editing and feedback

"Can you take a quick look at my assignment, please?"

"Do you mind casting your eyes over this document before I send it?"

"Does this ad make sense to you?"

Sound familiar? For most, proofreading and editing will be the bane of their existence.

Solution: leave it to me, while you continue to pump out epic content!

You’ve spent hours writing, learning, researching, rewriting, and occasionally crying into your 5th cup of coffee for the day. Your skills are continually being tested and the further you move along the process, the more you realise there is to learn. That’s where I come in!


Instead of spending more of your precious time pouring over style guides, scowling at punctuation books, Googling spelling, and just generally having no idea what an em dash even is, you can focus on the writing of the words and leave me to do the enhancing of them.


Hi, I'm Lisa! I'm skilled in proofreading, copy editing, feedback, and eating chocolate...among other things.

Follow my socials for sunsets, food, and a good laugh at my mishaps in everyday life.

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Banging your head against the wall should not be high on your priority list.

Let me help you remove it from your list altogether!