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You write it. I enhance it.

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Simply seeking the price and a
list of reasons why it's worth it?


What’s better than one head and an interrupted writing flow?
Two heads, more billable hours, and smooth sailing.

ROI = more billable hours in your pocket!

In non-corporate speak, it means more time for you to do the task you’re good at and actually enjoy doing, writing the kick-ass copy.

If you’re after a reliable and down-to-earth sidekick to join forces and create killer copy with, then look no further.


Hit me up via the Contact page and let’s get started!

You're the BEST! Thank you!

- Incredible client


 Running a business is daunting and full of to-do lists.

Whoever said it’s all cocktails and laptops by the beach definitely led us astray.


The good news is, extra hands really do make work.


By outsourcing one major task that takes up your time and brain-power, interrupts your writing flow, and essentially requires you to learn a whole other skillset, you can get more billable hours back into your day and continue pumping out the epic copy.

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I get it! You're a writer, not an editor.

Your training consists of SEO keywords, writing to market, funnels, and so on, not the evolution of language, how to research using style guides, and how to remove ambiguity using punctuation.

Instead of spending more of your precious time pouring over style guides, scowling at punctuation books, Googling synonyms, and just generally having no idea what an em dash even is, you can focus on the writing of the words and leave the enhancing to me.


Think of me as an awesome side-kick where we work together to create high-quality copy that knocks your client’s expectations out of the park.

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Hi, I'm Lisa! I'm skilled in copy editing, GIFs, and eating chocolate...among other things.

Follow my socials for sunsets, food, and a good laugh at my mishaps in everyday life.

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