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Copy Editing for Copywriters

You write it. I enhance it.


What’s better than one head and an interrupted writing flow?
Two heads, more billable hours, and smooth sailing.

ROI = more billable hours in your pocket! 

In non-corporate speak, it means more time for you to do the task you’re good at and actually enjoy doing, writing the kick-ass copy.

If you’re after a reliable and down-to-earth sidekick to join forces and create killer copy with, then look no further.


Hit me up via the Contact page and let’s get started!


​(Will not require you to sell your left kidney!)

Services are completed via Suggesting mode in Google Docs or Track Changes in Word.

All pricing is in Australian Dollars.


***Before you see the cost and have a conniption, hear me out!***

Copy editing service is AUD$70/hour.

 Ohhh, that's HEAPS better - love your work!

- Another awesome client

There’s a few reasons why this number is not as daunting as it looks:

  • The cost can be factored into your pricing structure for your clients

  • Depending on your situation, the cost can be considered a tax deduction

  • ROI = more billable hours in your day. The cost of outsourcing can be made back (plus more) by using the time saved to write more copy.

  • Open time in your calendar to work with clients you have not been able to bring on board previously--including those big names you’ve been eyeing off!

  • The solution to the age-old problem for copywriters--interruptions to your writing flow. You pump out the words and I’ll tidy up and enhance them.

  • Removes the necessity for you to complete further research and training for yet another skillset for your business #allthehats

  • Two sets of eyes are better than one--especially when each set specialises in the two required skills for quality copy

  • It may be the kick in the pants you need to raise your own prices #knowyourworth #screwimpostersyndrome


Given the standard for copywriting is short and sharp pieces, my pricing is structured in 15 minute increments.

Depending on the level of your writing, the average word count I move through is around 250-300 words in 15 minutes (which equates to only $17.50 for a small piece of copy).


Note: other options may be available for individual requirements--pricing structures, payment schedules, projects outside of the copywriting scope, collaborations, etc. Please contact me so we can chat further.


​(CAUTION: You may receive more than you pay
for... including useful tips, chocolate, memes, etc.)

Bang for your buck:

  • Correct errors --grammar, spelling, punctuation, tense, etc.

  • Revise copy to remove ambiguity, enhance readability, and identify missing info/ideas

  • Ensure information is factually correct

  • Identify sensitivity issues--discrimination, bigotry, prejudice, inclusivity, etc.

  • Provide quality feedback on effectiveness of the copy

  • Ensure copy meets guidelines set out in selected style guide and author preferences

  • Create a personalised style guide for each of your clients to ensure consistency across all copy created

  • Streamlined and adaptable process to slide straight into your own processes

  • You hold the power--final say on all suggested changes by accepting/rejecting each one

If you’re after a reliable and down-to-earth sidekick to join forces and create killer copy with, then look no further.


Hit me up via the Contact page and let’s get started!

Sick of Grammarly introducing more errors than you started with?

I gotchu! ;)


(Would you believe I can easily slide into any process?)

While some copywriting clients prefer to keep my helping hand a secret, others use it as a selling point for their marketing.


It is entirely up to your business values and contractual agreement details as to how you market your writing process.

My service is here to make your life easier, not implement yet another headache.


Outsourcing to someone with the skillset means you can remove one of the hundreds of hats you wear as a business owner.

Oh, and gain a reliable and kick-ass sidekick (read: friend)!

Example cycle for a copywriter - Copy Editor for Copywriters
Copywriter Flow Chart - Copy Editor for Copywriters

Hi, I'm Lisa! I'm skilled in copy editing, GIFs, and eating chocolate...among other things.

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